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How it started

The first Buzz Run was held in 2011  Some runners in the community thought having an annual run / walk event would be a great fund raiser for the Bee States Ballroom restoration project.

During and after the races, the Bee States Ballroom committee offers a free will donation buffet for runners, family, friends, residents and anyone wanting to enjoy the famous Bee Breakfast.  Breakfast is served from 8am-1pm.

The Bee States Ballroom

The States Ballroom, built in 1939, was a spin-off of a WPA sidewalk project. With several weeks of pay still available for men who needed the job, Vlad Sobotka, a local builder/architect, is said to have sat up all night designing a structure that would keep them busy and "use the material at hand."

The next morning he staked out the 12-sided, 5,000 square-foot building that used the concrete, gravel, wooden forms, and many hours of hand labor. This unique structure is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

For many years the ballroom was "the place to be" for Saturday night dancing, wedding receptions, anniversaries, and the great Bee Fireman's Picnic.


Proceeds from the Buzz Run have helped replace the roof, get air conditioning and new heating, new electrical wiring and lighting, new doors, and more to come!

​2018 race

​The 2018 race will be Sunday, April 22.  


In 2011, there were 150 participants.  in 2012, there were 355.  In 2013, the event grew to ____ participants.  2014 brought ___ participants to the Buzz Run.  2015 grew to ___.  2016 was an outstanding with ___ participants.  We will continue to grow the event over the next few years.

The Bee Buzz Run

We Have Chip Timing

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